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Eye Doctor, Optometrist & Ophthalmologist Payroll Software

Payroll software for an eye doctor, optometrist or ophthalmologist practice. Desktop-based, very affordable, simple and intuitive. Pay practice owners, physicians, nurses and receptionists. Print checks, run reports and file payroll tax forms. Do you offer your employees with special vision benefits? If so, easily custom create these deductions with Payroll Mate.

For $219 only, process payroll for up to 10 practices with up to 75 employees per practice for one calendar year.

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Eye Doctor, Optometrist & Ophthalmologist Payroll Made Easy

When operating an eye doctor, optometrist, or ophthalmologist office, you must not only ensure that your patients receive the best care, but also ensure that your office is administered in the best manner possible. This includes making certain that payroll is processed correctly and on time. Your employees rely on you to ensure they are paid accurately and in a timely manner. Unfortunately, due to the numerous federal and state regulations, it can be somewhat challenging to handle payroll. With a payroll software program like Payroll Mate®, you can make the process of administering payroll much easier.

Getting Started with Payroll Mate®

• Payroll Mate® is designed to work with Windows operating systems. These include Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10.

• The program makes it easy to import general employee information from a CSV file so setup of employees if quick and easy. Are you switching over to Payroll Mate®? If so, you can easily bring over year to date figures before you run any current payroll.

• To ensure you can fulfill payroll for all types of employees, Payroll Mate® can be customized.

  • Multiple pay frequencies are support such as daily, weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly.
  • Multiple pay types are included such as hourly, salary, overtime, and many more.
  • Do you need to apply an income, tax, or deduction category to one of your employees that is not included in the program? That is not a problem since you can custom create unlimited user defined categories.

• Although getting started with Payroll Mate® is fast and simple, we provide you with many tools to assist you if help is ever needed.

  • If you should have any questions about how to get started, an easy-to-follow, step-by-step wizard is available to guide you through the process of setting up your company.
  • In the event that you should have questions later on, Payroll Mate® is equipped with built in tutorials. Additional support is also made available via telephone, email, and live chat.

Quarterly and Annual Federal and State Forms

• Among the many responsibilities you must meet as part of the process of administering payroll for an eye doctor is to ensure that federal and state quarterly and annual payroll forms are completed in a timely manner.

  • Such forms include W-2, W-3, 940, 941, 943, and 944. With Payroll Mate®, you can prepare forms that are ready to sign and send.
  • With an additional cost add-on feature to Payroll Mate®, state forms can also be supported:
    • Illinois Unemployment Insurance and Illinois Withholding Income Tax
    • Texas Unemployment Insurance
    • NYS-45 (New York Withholding Tax and Unemployment Insurance)
    • California DE 9 (Quarterly Contribution Return and Report of Wages)
    • California DE 9C (Annual Contribution Return and Report of Wages)
    • Florida RT-6 (Florida Reemployment Tax)
    • If your state is not listed, simply pull a State Taxes report which provides you with your figures so you can manually fill out your state forms.

Calculates Taxes and Produces Comprehensive Payroll Reports

• Payroll Mate® will also generate a variety of different reports to give you the insight you need into your eye doctor office's payroll. Such reports include Payroll Journal Detail, Payroll Journal Summary, Deposit Requirement, Tax Liability, Employee List, Employee Earnings, Taxes and Deductions, and many more.

• Payroll Mate® accurately calculates net pay along with State and Federal withholdings, Social Security, and Medicare.  

Paying Employees

• With Payroll Mate®, you can also choose to print signature-ready traditional paychecks. Pay stubs can be printed or emailed to employees for convenient access.  

• With an additional cost add-on feature to Payroll Mate®, you can set up direct deposit for your employees. Along with helping you to save money on the cost of printing checks, direct deposit is often much more convenient for your employees, giving them access to their pay much faster.

• Payroll Mate® makes the process of tracking sick or vacation time easy. You can choose to have your employees accrue sick or vacation over time or you can provide employees one lump sum and manually track that on the payroll checks.

• The amount of time accrued and used can also be printed on your employees' pay stubs, making it much easier for your employees to keep track of the amount of leave time available to them.

Using Payroll Mate® can ensure that you are able to accurately process payroll in a timely manner for all of your employees while still having the time to operate your eye doctor, optometrist, or ophthalmologist office. With all of the responsibilities you have, why not allow a payroll software to guide you along the payroll process?

These are only some of the features of Payroll Mate. Please refer to the Payroll Mate payroll software page for more details.